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MSA Welfare

MSA Parents

The MSA Parents scheme is a traditional integral

scheme at GKT, in which first year students are given a “medic family” consisting of 4/5 second years to assist them in their time at GKT. Parents receive training so they can best support you in passing on their pearls of wisdom and will meet with you a minimum of three times throughout the year. This is a fantastic scheme, that is enjoyed by parents and children alike.

Welfare Wednesdays

This is a new regular feature on our social media where we regularly discuss all things welfare to keep continuous open conversations within our community. Keep your eyes peeled for features from some of your favourite sports clubs and academic societies too.

This is our platform for everyone in the GKT community, staff and students alike, to talk about their time here, their challenges, and how they can be overcome. We wish to break down the stigma that certain groups of students face and also raise awareness that they are not alone.

Welfare Week

We host a welfare week annually, so during the exam period, students are able to blow off some steam and maintain good social,
physical and psychological health alongside such a strenuous period in their academic year. The activities we host in this week are varied but always engaging and sure to help you take your mind off exams.

Spotlight Series

Each month we will be shining a
spotlight on a demographic or group in medicine that we feel needs a space to talk about the challenges of being a person from that particular group in
medicine. The series of events have included LGBT+ healthcare and life as a doctor with a disability. 

Upcoming Events

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