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A big welcome to our new students joining the GKT community! This page is dedicated entirely to you, and includes all our Freshers events for Freshers Fortnight.

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We are the 2022/23 committee and look forward to meeting you at our events throughout the year!


Use the sports and societies shared calendar to keep track of what events other GKT societies and sports team are running


We have a list of our events for Freshers 2022 below


Interested in the sports teams and societies running at GKT? Contact them here!

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The Society app will be the hub for all things GKT throughout the year:

1. Download the Society app 

2. Follow the onscreen instructions to set up your profile 

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4. Join event & group chats for updates including the official Freshers 22 group chat found on the MSA page to start meeting your peers 

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Freshers 2022 Events

  • Lock & Key
    Mon, 03 Oct
    Guy's Bar
    Who has the key to your heart? This is your chance to find out! Come and find your perfect friendship or possibly romantic match! This night has been the foundation of many friendships, the basis of lots of hilarious stories and a great way to meet new people - certainly not to be missed!
  • Lock & Key: A Murder Mystery
    Mon, 03 Oct
    Guy's Bar
    THERE IS A MURDERER IN OUR MIDST. GKT is rocked by the news that at last night’s Lock and Key Party, there was a tragic murder *insert shock and horror here*.
  • Boat Ball
    Fri, 30 Sept
    Meet at Guy's Bar
    Ahoy there! Your GKT MSA invites you to see out your Freshers Fortnight in style at the GKT Freshers' Boat Ball! What better way could you celebrate surviving your first two weeks at uni, than cruising down the River Thames?
  • GKT Outdoor Sunset Cinema
    Thu, 29 Sept
    Guy's Campus, Great Maze Pond, London SE1 1UL, UK
  • Plant Pot Giving
    Thu, 29 Sept
    The Shed
    GKT MSA Welfare is delighted to be bringing back our (ever successful) plant pot-giving event! Join GKT MSA in the Shed on Thursday 29th September 2022, between 12-2 pm to collect your free plant and have a chat! Price: free!
  • Virtual Escape Room
    Wed, 28 Sept
    Microsoft Teams
    Link to join is in the description
  • GKT Legendary Sports Night
    Wed, 28 Sept
    Guy's Bar
    Legendary Sports Night is back! DJ from 9pm Please bring government issued I.D. - strict no I.D. no entry. Event is 18+ only
  • The Big Fat GKT Quiz
    Tue, 27 Sept
    Guy's Bar
    Know your Sheeran from your Bieber? Your Mozart from your Chopin? Your Elvis from your Madonna? Time to find out in the Big Fat GKT Quiz! A great way to show off your general knowledge as well as a chance to get to know your new GKT families (or just have a laugh)!
  • 4-Legged Pyjama Pub Crawl
    Mon, 26 Sept
    The Shed
    A tradition, a rite of passage, call it what you will. Get tied to two strangers and stumble around Borough’s finest pubs, each guarded by a different sports team... Oh, and in your pyjamas. This one is unmissable, join in now!
  • GKT DICE (& Medics x Dentists Afterparty)
    Fri, 23 Sept
    Guy's Bar
    Dress up and have a laugh with your new friends at our newest event, DICE! Join in for some games, great chat and a new GKT tradition... the Medics x Dentists afterparty! Put on your very finest and let's show the dentists who does it best!
  • GKT Freshers Meet & Greet
    Fri, 23 Sept
    Activity Rooms
    Welcome to GKT! Don’t miss out on your first chance to meet and mix with your fellow freshers before Fresher’s Fortnight descends. Join us for some free snacks, a glimpse at your new campus and an opportunity to scope out your best friends, placement partners and study buddies for the next 5-6 years
  • GKT Scavenger Hunt
    Thu, 22 Sept
    Guy's Campus
    Join GKT MSA for a scavenger hunt of Guy's campus, Get to know your home for the next 6 years! Keep an eye on our socials for more details to come...
  • What I Wish I Knew in First Year
    Wed, 21 Sept
    Anatomy Lecture Theatre
  • GKT Mums and Dads
    Wed, 21 Sept
    The Quad
    A time slot and location will be sent to your email closer to the date
  • Scrubs Party
    Tue, 20 Sept
    Guy's Bar
    SCRUBS PROVIDED! This event is the whole reason you came to medical school. Party the night away looking like a proper doctor in a set of blues. Don't worry, you can forget the crocs... Please forget the crocs!
  • GKT Clinical Fair
    Tue, 20 Sept
    West Wing
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