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MSA Communities & Activities

Supporting the relationship between students and the sports teams and academic societies at GKT 


Your own wellbeing should always be your number one priority and getting your body moving is a terrific way to contribute to this.

Sport can be a great stress reliever so what better way to exercise than at a weekly practice with other members of our vibrant GKT community.


Joining GKT sports and societies are a wonderful way to meet students from all years and courses. Sports teams are known for spending Wednesday night in GB and like other societies also offer many more
events throughout the year, including balls, quiz nights, and the list goes on...


Attending events held by sports and societies is a great place to meet older students, who often have insightful advice about
GKT that they are eager to share. From exam guidance to house hunting
tips, these students have been there and done that. 


Sports and societies are formed of student-led committees, which run the group. These roles are incredibly fun and teach you skills you would not
have otherwise learnt, such as managing money and VAT as a treasurer,
planning tours and events as a social secretary or events’ officer, or even

leadership skills as a president.

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