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SFP Series

The Specialised Foundation Programme (SFP) (previously known as Academic Foundation Programme) provides an opportunity for foundation doctors to develop research, teaching and leadership/management skills in addition to the competences outlined in the Foundation Programme Curriculum.

SFP Series 2023

In collaboration with SFP Made Simple,  we bring the specialised foundation programme series, featuring a number of online interactive sessions led by those who have achieved success in applying to the SFP in the past.

Session 1: Introduction to SFP + Q&A

Session 2: Maximising Portfolio Marks

Session 3: Writing White Space Questions

Session 4: Introduction to Interview and Clinical Scenarios

Session 5: Biomedical Statistics for the SFP

Session 6: Academic Station part 1

Session 7: Academic Station part 2

Session 8: Answer the Personal Questions with Confidence

Session 9: Academic Station Workshop

Session 10: Interview Examples

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