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Tash Binnie

Year 4

27 February 2022

Tash Binnie

I remember the welfare talks in first year on the support available through the medical school and what to do if you’re struggling with your mental health. I sat in my chair in the Greenwood theatre thinking to myself that I wasn’t “the type of person” to develop a mental illness during medical school and need support (despite having had an eating disorder in my teens!).

I’m not proud to admit that but I think many of us share this feeling so it’s important to be honest about it.

If I have one regret in my life so far it’s not seeking help for my mental health sooner.

I thought it would be helpful to briefly share my story with depression and what I was experiencing (please don’t read on if this may be triggering for you right now).

For the first 6 months I just thought I was having a bad time. Medical school is stressful right? It’s no wonder I was feeling stressed and a bit low right? My attendance was still pretty good (despite some missed lectures due to the odd hangover and a general bit of laziness) and I was getting through the exams so I couldn’t really be struggling that much could I? My life was objectively great. I had great friends, a supportive boyfriend, loving parents, a safe and warm home, franco manca pizzas on demand and I was studying my dream degree.

So whoever you are, whatever type of person you are just remember that no one is immune from mental illness, but everyone deserves professional help and support if they’re suffering. So pick up that phone, make that appointment with your GP. What are you waiting for?

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