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Reza Sarwary

Year 3

9 March 2022

Reza Sarwary

“You’re never too old to start medicine”

This wasn’t just a sentence I used to comfort myself with but as I progressed throughout medical school I realised how true it was.

I entered medicine as a 24 year old graduate student expecting to be surrounded by a horde of fresh school leavers and I was shocked when I realised that wasn’t the case. I still vividly remember the first day when the lecturer asked all the grads in room to raise their arm - and literally half the room did so! There was also a wide range in ages from younger grads straight from their previous degree to older grads in their 30s who were settled down with children.

I originally expected myself to become acquainted and form friendships with grads however, as of third year, quite a few of my closest friends are undergraduates! Its an an interesting dynamic primarily due to the age and experience difference but it’s also rewarding.

Finally, as I have already experienced the university lifestyle and a personal habit of running into and encountering the strangest of people and situations  I was rarely fazed by anything I saw during wards which provided me with a more confident perspective at times.

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