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Aurelia Stoddart

Year 2

7 December 2022

Aurelia Stoddart

Growing up in Hyde Park, Leeds, a city with one of the largest ratios of students to permanent residents in the country, I’ve always lived in Student-land, surrounded by house parties, nights out, and binge drinking. When the time came for me to leave for Uni, none of it appealed to me anymore. I was worried that my idea of fun would be considered boring and that I wouldn’t find people with similar hobbies, but I was also faced with the constant reminder of the importance of a work-life balance. How would I have a work-life balance if the ‘student life’ didn’t interest me? 

When I arrived at King’s, I realised my fears were unfounded. Many students enjoy a night out, love hazing Freshers, and rolling up to Guy’s Bar in fancy dress. But equally, there are a whole load of people who don’t. Don’t worry about not conforming to the typical student experience. My friends still tease me for my pretentious love of Opera, but we’ve all bonded over our love of an afternoon-in, chatting over a Nando’s, and catching a film. I’m still figuring adulting out, but I do know that you should think outside the box about what your student life can be. (On a practical note, the ENO offers free tickets for under 21s, and the ROH offer Young Person’s performances with reduced-price tickets. Plus, make sure to sign up to Mousetrap Theatre Projects, which offer cheap, or often free, tickets to West End performances!)

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