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Aqeel Mohamed

Year 2

1 March 2022

Aqeel Mohamed

Being a COVID-19 Fresher, I have found Medical School quite different in comparison to the older students! First year was pretty boring, with no fresher events, no online societies, no sports, and being stuck in ‘Zoom University’ wasn’t fun. Making friends was also hard, even in Residences. However, as soon as restrictions began easing up and we were able to socialise more, I found University to be a lot more fun and have been able to make really good mates!

My best piece of advice to freshers is to throw yourself into the GKT community, whether that is sports or different societies- it is a fantastic way to meet people within your year and older students who impart many a word of wisdom! For me, one of the best decisions was joining a sports team- I joined the GKT Hockey Club. You get to meet so many people and the older students and alumni are all very friendly. All clubs are welcoming of everyone, regardless of ability. You also get to meet people from other sports clubs in joint socials or seeing them at Wednesday Sports Nights at Guy’s Bar.

Studying your degree is important but it should not define who you are. If you want to feel part of a community and develop a camaraderie amongst the GKT Community, the easiest and best decision you can make is to get involved!

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